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  1. In Mongolia, there is no voting system (online vote or mail vote) for overseas Mongolian citizens. Once you can not vote in the election, your political life is dead. Tak, гастарбайтеры Монголии вообще не являются силой политики. Чтобы заниматся политикой, человек должен быть на Родине
  2. Пещера желтой собаки

    Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel The Story of the Weeping Camel [1/10] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UEg-dG2zhY ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- The Story of the Weeping Camel [10/10] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCYmqvtzp3g
  3. Интересные слова

    умшна -(халх.мон -уншина) читаю читает умшцхана-(халх.мон - уншцгаана) -читаем, читаете, читают
  4. Аудирование

    mal'chik o4en' ploho gvorit. slyshkom bystro govorit.... on govorit
  5. Аудирование

    govorish "mojno bez emocii"? ax da slushiv eti lyudi, ya srazu zabyl 4to est' lyudi-calmouky-mankurty. no ne znal 4to vy toje zabyli svoi rodnoi emoci sorry...
  6. Аудирование

    Eh kalmyks brothers.... I checked audios and I can say that As Khalkha Mongolian I can understand it 100% . It is Mongolian language. , There is no difference. Д.Х. Муниева talks very clear. 1. C.Н. Авкаджиева, She has very western mongolian accent. Good 100% understandable Г.Ц. Шаулинова, Е.Н. Бакаева, Н.М. Арнюдаева, К.С. Дорджиева ,Б.Б. Довуркаева, Е.Б. Бадмаева , they don't talk clearly, I guess they have heavy accent. 90% understanable. А.А. Арнюдаева -калмыцкий чай - good 100%, А.Б. Арнюдаев has good accent , he talks very confident and his expression is mature, I understand 100%. Д.Х. Муниева -She spoke very clear, amazingly she is speaking almost as same as Khalkha dialect. 100% understandable. At the end All I can say is FUCK CALMOUK. He almost confused me by his non-sense posts, I was going to think that Kalmyks are different, because of his stupid posts.
  7. Урoки калмыцкoгo

    davai poprobuem govorit na kalmyckom cherez yahoo messenger.
  8. Урoки калмыцкoгo

    если вообще не знаешь грамматику, кажется гораздо проще выучить монгольский, а затем приспособиться к калмыцкому.
  9. Өлгән дуд

    Here is another "Бvvвэйн дуу". Бvvвэйн дуу Буувэйн дуу Ангир шувууны дэгдээхэй шигээ Алсаас ээжийгээ дуудаад байнаа аа ээ бvvвэй бvv ай, ээ бvvвэй бvv ай ээ, ээ бvvвэй бvv ай ээ, Ангир шувууны дэгдээхэй шигээ Алсаас ээжийгээ дуудаад байнаа ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ Хараацай шувууны дэгдээхэй шигээ Харцаараа юундаа дуудаад байнаа ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ Галуу шувууны дэгдээхэй шигээ (Гадсаас???) ээжийгээ дуудаад байнаa ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ Хайртай хонгор vр минь ээ чи Халуун манцуйдаа унтаарай миний хvv ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ ээ бvvвэй бvvвэй ээ
  10. Интересные слова

  11. Интересные слова

    конечно, есть Алим- /яблока/ Гадил- һадль- /банан/banana Тарвас-/арбуз/ Лийр-/Груша/Pear/ Анар- /Гранат/ Pomegranate/ Нимбэг-/лимон/ Жүрж - амтат жүрж /мандарин/ - бэрсүүт жүрж /апельсин/ Tоор-/персик/peach/ чавга- /слива/plum интоор-/вишня/ cherry Чангаанз- /абрикос/ apricot/ чидун- /Оли́ва/маслина /olive/ Xушга-/орех ; грецкий орех / walnut бүйлс
  12. Happy Хулһна Җил!

    бяруу- 2 year old cattle
  13. Because I was not able to post in original topic in http://forum.freekalmykia.org/index.php?showtopic=795. Some how I received following messages all the time. The error returned was: Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic ". So I opened new topic here... http://www.worldofquotes.com/history/10_3/6/index.html 10/03/1972 USSR performs nuclear test An addition to above info, I wish to share what I found on http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/nuclear/te...SR-ntestsS.html Database of nuclear tests, USSR/Russia: overview This database covers USSR nuclear tests from 1949 to 1990 (in three parts), Soviet and Russian hydrodynamic tests, and relevant events which were non-nuclear or of ambiguous nature. According to table, U.S.S.R. did underground nuclear tests 24 times or 31 times in 1972. Total yield is 1,646 (kt) underground In the map below, locations of atmospheric tests are shown in blue and underground tests/explosions are in red. Three sizes of circles indicate, from smaller to larger: yields below 100 kt; yields from 100 kt to 1 mt; and yields of 1 mt or more. http://www.iss.niiit.ru/ksenia/catal_nt/intr.htm CATALOG OF WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR TESTING 2. AREAS OF NUCLEAR TESTING 2.2.3. Missile test range (MTR) is located in the Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation in the vicinity of the settlement of Kapustin Yar. From 1957 to 1962 10 atmospheric tests were carried out in missile launches from that site. 2.2.5. From 1965 to 1988 117 underground peaceful nuclear explosions were carried out in various regions of the USSR . Their distribution by region is presented in the Table 4. Table 4. Distribution of USSR peaceful nuclear explosions by region Republic, region Peaceful nuclear explosions Republic, region Peaceful nuclear explosions RSFSR, including 80 Kazakh SSR, including 32 Arkhangelsk region 4 Aktyubinsk region 1 Astrakhan region 15 Guryev region 17 Bashkir ASSR 6 Kustanay region 1 Ivanovo region 1 Mangyshlak region 3 Irkutsk region 2 Turgay region 1 Kalmyk ASSR 1 Uralsk region 7 Kemerovo region 1 Chimkent region 2 Komi ASSR 4 Uzbek SSR, including 2 Krasnoyarsk territory 9 Bukhara region 1 Murmansk region 2 Kashka-darya region 1 Orenburg region 5 Ukrainian SSR, including 2 Perm region 8 Donetsk region 1 Stavropol territory 1 Kharkov region 1 Tyumen region 8 Turkmen SSR, including 1 Chita region 1 Mary region 1 Yakut ASSR 12 3. NUCLEAR TESTS AND PEACEFUL NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS (1971-1973) No------------------------1167 Nation-------------------USSR Name--------------------Region Date--------------------10/03/72 Location-----------------Kalmyk ASSR, RSFSR Type---------------------UGE ( Underground explosion. Nuclear test when a nuclear device is detonated below the earth's surface. ) Purpose-----------------IPE (IPE industrial underground peaceful nuclear explosions and testing of peaceful nuclear explosion (PNE) technologies) Method------------------Shaft R-4 Height/Depth,m--------485 Yield (kt)-----------------6.6 Comment----------------Seismic probing explosion
  14. Тодо Бичг

    адаг хабирга ааса гуя куртэлэ ? цун буй дотору шагай ааса уруй газар куртэлэ 3 цун буй