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Кинематографическая школа в г. Злин

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требования к абитуриентам


Admission procedure information for 2-year program international applicants


Every year Film School Zlin opens a 2-year diploma ANIMATION program to Czech and also international students. All applicants have to go through the entrance exams that take place in the second half of June. The exams consist of a written English test of general cultural and film knowledge and of presenting graphic, organization, technical and creative skills. Film School Zlin offers a long distance admission procedure via mail and e-mail.


The application fee at Film School Zlín is EUR 20 (twenty Euro Dollars) and is to be paid via postal order or bank transfer to account no. IBAN: CZ2501000000862110580287, SWIFT: KOMBCZPP; [please, use your personal number as the ID for both postal orders and bank transfers]. Application fees shall not be returned to those applicants who apply but do not take part in the entrance exams.


All applicants have to fill the entry form (link below) and send it to the school address. As a part of the exam a drawing of figure and head of a life model is required. The technique is free, use a pencil or charcoal. The minimum format is A4 (bigger formats can be put in a roll). In addition create a comic strip 12 frames. There is no time limitation for creating the works mentioned but make sure your works reach our school no later than May 31st and that your entry form will be here at the same time. These test works and entry forms will be retained by the school as part of each individual application.


You are welcome to present a selection of your works (paintings, drawings, graphics, puppets, 3-D objects, etc.). All such works will be returned to you after the exams.


After receiving your home graphic works and filled entry form you will be informed about the exact day for the written test. We prefer sending the test over the internet and having the applicant send it back in approx. 120minutes.


Prior to entrance interview all applicants must present the following documents:


- valid identification card; valid passport for foreigners

- receipt confirming payment of administrative fee

- notarized copy of Secondary School Graduation Certificate or Diploma


Important deadlines:


- Deadline for entry form submission: May 31st

- Deadline for graphic works submission: May 31st

- Date of entrance exams: second half of June


The fees:


- application fee: EUR 20

- one year [2 semestr] fee: 1300EUR

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